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Welcome to the THK-9 Family!
With so many families struggling from puppy training to behavioral issues, we are happy to train owners on how to bridge the gap. Many families trying to gain trust and respect through solely affection creates a foundational imbalance between owner and dog. Nothing wrong with showering our dogs with an over abundance of love and affection, but through that joy we can become blindsided by the behaviors we are subconsciously also rewarding and reinforcing.
Most dogs can sit & down for a treat but we feel that too much focus is put into the aesthetics of dog training.
 Ever wonder why a dog with behavioral issues towards dogs, people or other animals can physically  “SIT” but mentally still go after that dog? Ever wonder why your dog may shake like he/she is having a nervous breakdown and projects noises you never thought they’d make? You don’t have an obedience issue, you have a mindset and arousal issue.

We create the foundation in our training programs, you build the building.