Helpful tips and some of our trainees in action!

Puppy with manners

Murray the Pit Bull gets saved by fellow Marine

Pulling/Out of control dog STOPS pulling in minutes

Working with Rescue Dogs(pulling vs. loose leash walking)

Off Leash obedience with 4 month old puppy

The Happy K-9 Puppy Obedience

Severe Food Aggression

100% off LEASH RECALL!

5 dog pack walk

Cute and Thankful

Feeding time

100% off Leash Obedience Results

Resource Guarding

How to Walk Your Pack

Leash Reactive dog fixed in ONE session

5 month old pup Off leash obedient

Off Leash Obedience walking home

1 year old Newfoundland

Best 100% recall

Puppy Impulse control

Real World Distraction