Jackie and Family

We got Niño at 10 weeks and didn’t know he had parvovirus. He was dying, we took him to vets and there was no telling if he would make it and when he did, he got much more love than discipline, other than that he’s a great gentle loving dog. Taking him in the car is just crazy, he jumps everywhere and walking him was a nightmare. He walks you.. But after his first session with Nelson at The Happy k-9 training there was an amazing difference. Niño needs lots more time being trained but it was worth it, his walks are a lot easier, i have full control of him now and he enjoys his training. The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” is not true! Anyone looking for a trainer that knows whats he’s doing, and wants to see real results, contact Nelson! Can’t thank you enough Nelson from The Happy k-9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Karlee and My Family

My dog Sasha was crazy and didn’t listen at all! We couldn’t have people over or take her for a walk because she would freak out on everyone and any dog that would be passing by. When we got Sasha back from the Happy K-9 she was a happier, obedient and much more calmer. She listens to us now. We also are able to take her for a walk with no problem. With the training she got from the Happy K-9 she is a great obedient dog now. We are beyond happy with the results with our dog. This helped my family so much! We are so thankful for what Nelson from the Happy K-9 has done! THANK YOU!


We cannot sing Happy K-9/Nelson Mendoza’s praises loud enough. This is THE premier dog training experience. Our family was so excited to rescue adorable Dudley Doodle from a fate of certain death in Alabama. Soon after greeting his transport van, though, we knew we were in deep trouble. Dudley turned out to be a COMPLETE menace, wreaking extreme havoc and destruction in our lives. He was very hyper, chewed imaginable and unimaginable things, and we were spending a small FORTUNE replacing the things he was destroying. None of us enjoyed walking him because he was constantly pulling and straining on the leash, barking at cars, trucks, buses, dogs, and everyone we met. Our dream doodle was turning our family life upside down. Enter Nelson and The Happy K-9 Training to the rescue! Nelson quickly taught us how to control Dudley rather than permitting Dudley to control us. Walking Dudley became a pleasure rather than an onerous chore. He is no longer a destructon, demolishing everything in sight. He knows his lace in the family scheme. Our home is no longer bedlam. We are a happy functional family thanks to Nelson’s training program. Cannot thank Nelson enough; he has our highest and most heartfelt recommendation.

Louise O Donnell, Boo & Family

Nelson from the Happy K-9 worked with our 7 month old puppy Boo who had anxiety and was very energetic. Boo was not good on leash or good with commands. On Nelson’s first visit he had Boo walking nicely on the leash and was able to have him calm at home by using commands sit/stay.Nelson introduced us to the prong collar which I WAS nervous about using but it has worked WONDERS on Boo.He now is so much calmer at home and outside.The tools the Happy K-9 gave us to work with Boo have been wonderful and we continue to use them everyday. I highly recommend the Happy K-9 and would not hesitate in calling him again if I needed to.Thank you the Happy K-9 for all your help-:)